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8 American beaches that are warm NOW

Image By Mark Sullivan Published December 16, 2013 Budget Travel The snow is piling up and all you want to do is escape to a warm beach? These islands are perfect for a winter beach vacation—and closer than you think. You don't need to splurge on a trip to the Caribbean to spend time on the beach this winter. These eight U.S. islands have the sandy shores, seafood shacks, and sunny skies that will have you thinking it's summer—even when there's snow on the ground back home. Take a tour of the islands AMELIA ISLAND, FL Average highs of 65/71 in February/March About as far north as you can go and still be in the Sunshine State, Amelia Island's 13 miles of beaches are mostly deserted until March—so it's easy to find a spot where there are no other people in sight. Horseback riding along the sand is one of the most popular off-season activities. Kids have a blast expl

Water Rates to Rise on the Island

If you own a home or property on Daufuskie Island 29915 you are probably well aware that the Public Service Commission of South Carolina has proposed to raise the already high water rates on Daufuskie Island. You can write to them with your complaint and objections at: Public Service Commission of South Carolina 101 Executive Drive Suite 100 Columbia, SC 29210 They may send you an additional form to fill out. The various HOA's on the Island will be hiring legal counsel to represent the respective neighborhoods. But if you do not have an HOA or live in the historic district of the island you can do your part by writing to your representatives or the Public Service Commission of South Carolina above. Government needs to learn to live within a budget just like every other family in America and not spend beyond their means.

The Daufuskie Island Christmas Parade on Saturday the 10th

What a great day of decorated golf carts, a few cars and lots of Christmas festivities.

30 Days of Chasing Dolphins

Dolphins travel in three’s, much like super heroes. This morning there were at least twenty of them frolicking along close to the shoreline following me on my morning walk? They tend to provide instant entertainment. Dolphins love to ham it up, leaping out of the water taking their tail and splashing you. It is almost like they just want to let you know they are there. They are very social animals. Welcome to the Calibogue Sound. You may find sand dollars in the low tide every few feet along the shoreline. The tide also leaves the pre-historic looking horseshoe crab dead on the beach. They are like a big buffet for the sea gulls, sand pipers and probably many other animals.

One of South Carolina's Top Blog Spots


"The Front Porch"

Please sign up for the Daufuskie Paper. "The Front Porch" The link is on my site. Please send a small donation as the paper is completely funded by small donations and well worth your time to do this. The paper will eventually add a paypal button and some ad sense but right now if you would kindly mail your check all donations are appreciated. While there are a few Daufuskie Island bloggers and the islandpacket paper on Hilton Head, "The Front Porch" is the only real coverage for local happenings on Daufuskie Island. It is graciously published by an island local resident who is very generous with her time and effort that it takes to write, email, fund raise and put out a local newspaper. This NewPaper will give you so much more current information about the island. More than I could ever begin to blog about.

Wendell Mathews---Mean Old Alligator Video on You Tube. Check it out. Check out Wendell Mathews "Mean Ole Alligator" post on you tube. It gives you great video footage of Daufuskie Island.

The Eagles Nest Restaurant-At Bloody Point Golf Club

I wanted to post the news of the restaurant at Bloody Point Golf Club. It is up and running and serving, but they still have limited hours at this point. If you are golfing or on vacation give them a call with your reservation and stop by to eat. Please note the following from the Eagles' Nest at Bloody Point: I wanted to send you an update on the hours of operation for the Eagles’ Nest at Bloody Point for the next 7 days: • Thursday September 29th • Lunch 11:30-3:30 • Pizza Night 5:30-9:00 • Friday September 30th • Lunch 11:30-3:30 • Saturday October 1st • Lunch 11:30-3:30 • Sunday October 2nd • Lunch 11:30-3:30 • Monday October 3rd • Lunch 11:30-3:30 • Pizza Night 5:30-9:00 • Tuesday October 4th • Lunch 11:30-9:00 • Wednesday October 5th • CLOSED We have had an excellent week so far and thank you for your support!! Our liquor license is just around the corne

Island Resident dating Hollywood star Meg Ryan

John Mellencamp’s Lonely New Year: Rocker John Mellencamp Saw in 2011 All on His Own!Wednesday January 5, 2011 JOHN Mellencamp spent New Year’s all on his own. The rocker — whose wife, Elaine, recently filed for divorce and is now said to be dating actress Meg Ryan — saw in 2011 at his Daufuskie Island, S.C., home, People magazine reports. “John and Elaine spent a great deal of time in the house over the summer and they looked to be very happy,” said one nosy neighbor. “They both love the area, especially Savannah. We were surprised to hear of the split as Elaine has taken good care of John since he had his heart attack [in 1994].” Meanwhile, Elaine has devoted quite a bit of time to local charity work in Bloomington, Ind., near their main home on Lake Monroe. In addition to work with Indiana’s historic society, she is also involved with a school for dyslexic kids in Bloomington. “Everyone is impressed with the amount of work Elaine does for others. “She shares John’s intere