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Southern Living Magazine-June Issues Covers Homes Built on Daufuskie Island

7 Ways To Make a New (Old) House Kay Stanley and Curt Seymour referenced history and built a brand-new Daufuskie Island house that looks as if it has endured centuries of salty air and sandy feet. 1.) Start with a Smart Plan Kay and Curt built history into their home with a plan that looks as if it has been added onto over time. Throughout the interior, the couple chose inconsistent window styles and varying board widths (on floors and walls) to create a haphazard effect, furthering the idea that the plan was not completed at once. Enclosed porches represent renovations the structure would have endured over time. “When someone enters our home and says, ‘This house is in great shape for its age,’ we’ll know we hit the mark,” says Kay. A 78-inch-long porch swing stands in as a sofa on the back screened porch, which is Kay’s favorite spot to relax and design new fabrics. 2)Maximize the Impact of Wood "There is not a single sheet of drywall in our entire house," says Ka

The Votes Are In--Meet Your New Daufuskie Island Council

Saturday was voting day on Daufuskie Island. It was a warm 60 degree sunny day and everyone takes a golf cart ride to vote. With 233 votes cast, below are the winners of the Council election: Patrick Ford 149 votes Catherine Tillman 124 votes Chuck Hunter 111 votes David Helmuth 108 votes The top three elected vote getters will serve for three years. The fourth highest vote recipient will serve for two years. Thanks to Chris Hutton, Pat Allison and Maree Hanson for their help in witnessing and tabulating votes.