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8 US islands where summer lasts all year long

Daufuskie Island hits Fox News. Thanks to Daufuskie Island Cottage for sending this breaking news to me. DAUFUSKIE ISLAND, S.C. Average highs of 61/67 in February/March Still weaving baskets from the sweetgrass that grows wild along the coast, Daufuskie Island's tiny Gullah population--descended from slaves--carefully tends to its traditions. You can take a peek into local life at landmarks like the white clapboard First Union African Baptist Church, built in the 1880s and still in use today. Less than a quarter of this 5,000-acre island has been developed, leaving plenty of open spaces to explore. (And we mean exploring by foot or by golf cart, as no cars are allowed.) One especially nice excursion point is the Haig Point Lighthouse, which has a tower extending from the roof of an antebellum-style house. Sleep As you might guess, Daufuskie isn't an all-inclusive-resort kind of place. A good option is the two-bedroom Daufuskie Island Cottage, a vacation-rental property