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Daufuskie Island resort could face legal action after workers disturb nesting ground

By MATT McNAB — Published: June 6, 2013 A Daufuskie Island resort could face legal action after a miscommunication led to the disturbance of a nesting ground for an endangered bird species. Maintenance workers at the Melrose on the Beach resort disturbed a rookery for wood storks and other birds while clearing brush last month. While the brush-clearing didn't actually damage the rookery -- located on two small islands in a lagoon near the resort buildings -- the incursion into the area may have interrupted the bird's nesting, according to Catherine Tillman, the resort's communications director. Tillman said some wood storks left the area, exposing several nests to the elements, which could cause eggs not to hatch. The incident occurred a day after the resort issued a statement saying it was committed to protecting the rookery. Tillman said the resort's owner, the Pelorus Group,and managing partner JT Bramlette were "sick th