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Thank You Laura! No more Ferry Tickets

Public ferry for Daufuskie Island ending? I'm on Daufuskie Island right now. People here found out LAST NIGHT that there are no more public ferry tickets starting TODAY. People can still ride the boat. They just have to present their Daufuskie ID and sign a voucher. But who is going to pay back the ferry company? Beaufort County, if it eventually works out another contract? Or the individual? The Daufuskie Island Council is springing into gear. There is now an even more urgent need to find a public ferry solution. Many people are not able to afford the $28 RT passage -- and the current ferry service hours are not very useful for working people. So in the interest of working with what we have, I thought it would be good to start looking at SC's state transportation policy. I've never paid particular attention to it before. So if you are curious also, here is the link: Posted by Laura Von Harten at 12:44 P