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Labor Day in Daufuskie Island

Many great things happen on and after labor day in DI. The resort is very close to having a deal for someone to purchase worked out. Rumors are everywhere of the exciting things to come. Joe made both Foders and Trip Advisor with his new Ghost Tours of the Island. Here is the Trip Advisor Update. I want everyone to know that the Island T-Shirt Shop is opened for business year round and she will have a web site up and running soon. I will post a link on my blog as soon as Sylvia the owner gets the site up and running. I have lots of great pics from my Labor Day Celebration with my friends on Daufuskie Island and will post those soon. Daufuskie @ Night! "Trip Advisor" Literally, A One-Of-A Kind Ghost Tour! Although Hilton Head Island is largely thought of as a playground for the rich or a great area for water activities like boating, fishing and all that is considered "Low Country" in Southern lifestyle, it also possesses a history of ancients, Indians and p