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Work of Fiction by Darrell King mentions Daufuskie Island

Darrell King if D.C is a fiction writer who uses the names of real places to create a work of soap opera style "Ghetto" fiction. He as a writer is the equivalent of Tupac Shakur as a rapper. I am rather iritated that Darrell writes about Fripp Island being Georgia (we all know that's not true) and Daufuskie Island being the hide out for druglords and seedy types. The people that live on Daufuskie Island are some of the nicest most genuine people that I have ever met. You're car dies they stop to help, your cart dies they stop to help, everyone is very neighborly. Darrell should do more research on his next novel and maybe actually visit to get inspiration some of the real places that he mentions. Or he could be like the talented southern writer Pat Conroy who makes up the name "Yamacraw" Island in his famous book the "The Water is Wide", but maybe that is just too creative for Mr. King. I have copied tha actual pages of his book available on