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Buy you eggs from the Roost on Daufuskie Island

We are so glad you found us! You are always “Welcome Home” at The Roost.      We are a small veteran owned, family run USDA farm on Daufuskie Island. We raise laying hens and are learning to practice regenerative agriculture. We envision greater self sufficiency, sustainability and affordable healthy options for our family and yours.   We sell hand gathered eggs and have begun to offer some produce. Many visitors stop to see our garden and meet our rescue animals.    Here at the Roost we care for the animals and the environment. We are learning through Clemson and The South Carolina New and Beginning Farmer Program to avoid the use of pesticides and chemicals on our property. We feed our hens  an organic diet and our animals receive regular veterinary care. ​ Everything we do at The Roost is with love and intention. This is our home and our rescues forever home. We hope to convey that feeling to everyone we meet.   " Adam and Laura greet you like family. They are an enthusia stic