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Try a "Scrap Iron Cocktail" at the Old Daufuskie Crab Company at Freeport Marina on Daufuskie Island, SC 29915

The Story of Scrap Iron In the early 1900's more than 2000 black African Americans lived on Daufuskie Island. They made their living from the oyster beds that surrounded Daufuskie. Oysters were harvested, canned, and shipped all over the world. Progress came to Savannah, Georgia and factories were built along the Savannah River. The Savannah River was polluted and the pollution flowed into the oyster beds around Daufuskie. The Federal government condemned the harvesting of oysters on the Island and 2000 people were out of work in one day. The exodus began and the population dropped to around 100 people when I came to Daufuskie in the '70's. The people that stayed had to make a living another way and they all knew how to make a great corn liquor and the ladies made wines. The men would load the corn liquor in small oyster boats and row or sail it to Savannah. Sometimes it would take a day to get there. In early days they would get 5 dollars for 50 gallons, but it gav

Adult Tennis Championships continue on Daufuskie Island

By From staff reports — The duo of Mark White of Hilton Head Island and Larry Steedbergen of Farmington, Mich., powered their way through two matches Saturday to easily win the men's doubles division final at the seventh annual Daufuskie Island Adult Tennis Championship. It was one of three division finals determined in the second day of competition that concludes Sunday. Other division winners were Arnold Bradshaw of Montgomery, Ala., in the age 70 men's singles and Josef Fodor of Hilton Head Island in the age 75 men's singles. "I played better than usual today," said White, whose team lost only four games in two matches. "A lot of the credit goes to my partner. We picked each other up all day long." Play continues at 9:30 a.m. Sunday, with finals to be contested in six more divisions, with John Chryst of Bluffton and Pat Child of Hilton Head Island having a chance to return as champions. Chryst has advanced to the finals

Marsh Tacky a living link to Daufuskie Island history

REBECCA J. DUCKER, Morning News DAUFUSKIE ISLAND S.C. — Loggerhead, Brown Pelican, Harbor Seal are all common names for a few of the endangered species one may hope to find along the shores of Daufuskie Island. But a Marsh Tacky, what is that? A bird? A turtle? Actually it’s a horse, a powerful, stocky breed native to the low-country of South Carolina. And more than a dozen of them gathered on the island Saturday to celebrate their long history in the state. It may come as a surprise to many that any horses are considered an endangered species but in fact the Marsh Tacky is one of a nearly a dozen horse breeds listed as endangered by the American Livestock Breeds Conservatory. There are only 300 Tackys alive today. “It is believed that Daufuskie Island is the last place these horses would have lived in the wilderness,” said Jackie McFadden, of the Carolina Marsh Tacky Association. “So it’s the perfect place for this year’s race.” Descendents of the Spanish horses brought up

Play begins at Daufuskie Island Adult Tennis Championship

By Staff reports — Carol Humpherys and Josef Fodor each won matches in two different divisions Friday to highlight the first day of play at the seventh annual Daufuskie Island Adult Tennis Championship. Former singles champion Pat Child, of Hilton Head Island, also teamed with Tonnye Stapp to win a combined mixed doubles match. Humpherys, of Daufuskie Island, teamed with Art Helmus to win in a third set tiebreak (10-8) in combined mixed doubles and then joined with Nancy Shegg of Hilton Head Island to win her women's doubles match in straight sets. Foder, of Hilton Head Island, won in singles and doubles play. Play continues at 9:30 a.m. Saturday with two former champions beginning play in the age 65 singles division. Past winners Rich Silver of Daufuskie Island, and John Chryst of Bluffton, will face Richard Shipman of Concord, N.C., and Larry Steenberger of Farmington, Mich., respectively. Play will also get underway in four other divisions: women&