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What's New at Melrose and the Daufuskie Island Resort?

The following report was written by a, Melrose homeowner and POA Board member. All names have been removed from this report to keep them confidential. This is to let you know that the board members are working diligently with the owners of Melrose, the Inn, and the Club to get everything up and running as quickly as possible for all homeowners, club members and guests. John Doe   and I met with several other board members and island business executives, and three or four others from Pelorus Group (The current owners of the Daufuskie Island Resort) for about an hour on Saturday afternoon. I asked them to tell us about their progress, plans, and schedules with information that we could pass on to other property owners. The following are my notes.   ·        There will be a soft opening of the Beach Club on Memorial Day weekend. There will be tours, information, and food provided to the public, and a separate area set aside for members. There is water in the pools, the new lo