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ESPN Article on Patrick Ford and Nick Bright

Staying the Course By Wright Thompson Please take a look at this link. The pictures are amazing and the original artwork is by Dr. Bill Greenwood. Enjoy the post. ESPN: Home DAUFUSKIE ISLAND, S.C. -- Patrick Ford stops by the marina bar. Sometimes the only answer is a vodka tonic or a cold beer. He's lanky, with an easy smile and slightly crooked teeth, dressed in shorts and a polo shirt. A golf pro's uniform. Some people are born to join fancy clubs. His destiny is to work at them. That's how he ended up here, in his summer of uncertainty. One moment, he was tinkering with swings and charging credit cards at a pricy resort; an instant later, he found himself engaged in a struggle that would be comical were it not happening to him: living on a bridgeless island, taking on nature itself, trying to save a bankrupt golf course. Marsha Griffin Patrick Ford is in survival mode.The bar jumps around him. Fri