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The DI Sand Dollar

If you take your morning walk from the Daufuskie Island Inn at Melrose and walk toward Bloody Point along the beach you will encounter the Daufuskie Island Sand Dollar. To me these are more precious and more valuable than all the diamonds in South Africa. I refer to them as my "sea booty" and I collect them as I go filling my pockets to the brim. My husband felt bad because as he was trying to hold one for me and it shattered into a thousand pieces to return back to the sand forever. They are very frail, some are stained black covered by oil that comes from the tankers coming into the Savannah Port, but many times you will find that perfectly symmetrical round specimen and your heart will be overjoyed. Once I get them back to Atlanta where my primary home is I lay them out carefully on my driveway and spray paint them with white paint. It gets rid of the frail delicate texture, keeps them perfectly white and I can keep my treasures forever without breaking them. The