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Autumn Festival on Daufuskie Island From Laura's blog about Daufuskie Saturday, November 6, 2010 Sipping sweet Scrap Iron on Daufuskie Island It was a beautiful day for Autumn Fest on Daufuskie Island. Great deviled crab, fried shrimp, roasted oysters -- all local. I also sampled Old Daufuskie Crab Company's signature drink, the Scrap Iron. It's made with sweet tea Firefly Vodka that's distilled up near Charleston. Why the name Scrap Iron? It's a reference to a Daufuskie Island metonym for moonshine. The distillers would take the moonshine to Savannah by boat -- and would hide the jars under layers of scrap iron. If anyone asked, the islanders would say they were hauling scrap iron to Savannah. I learned this story today from Wick Scurry, who operates the restaurant, as well as Freeport Landing and the Daufuskie Ferry. It was a special treat to have his live narration on the ferry trip this morning. Posted by Laura V