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Daufuskie Island Ferry Service

Ok so my blog is suppose to only be positive and uplifting but for 3weeks now I have been excited about the county implementing the new DI Ferry Service in order to save the $30.00 round trip passage. Here is how it should work 1st Senior Citizens, Students, disabled or handicapped. $1.00 2nd Resident Landowners/Taxpayers $2.00 3rd Non Resident Landowner/Taxpayers $3.00 4th Residents-$5.00 5th Residents Guests & Visitors $6.00 Well guess what it does not work. The county won't call you back, won't put you on their "list" and won't let you know what is going on. Oh they will tell you to call 5 different people (who won't help you). Basically the system goes like this. If you know someone that works for Beaufort County Government you may get placed on the "magic list" that grants you what your taxes already paid for anyway. Needless to say "fuskie girl is not happy about the ferry".