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Labor Day-Updates from the Daufuskie Island Front Porch News

Our Labor Day issue is online and in print around the island! Have you been looking for a great plumber or handyman but been unable to find one? Do you have one that you would highly recommend? Lost your dog? Are you in need of a golf cart, or piece of furniture, or looking sell or buy one but would rather not deal with barge and delivery costs involved in getting it here? Looking for a reliable babysitter? Hosting a garage sale or fundraising event? We are recommending a website that is strictly for Daufuskie Island residents and property owners. While we print stories and items of interest quarterly and send out weekly email blasts detailing time sensitive news, our readership has grown significantly and only some of our content is solely for residents. Additionally, we receive far too many classified requests to accommodate them all in the weekly blast. We would like to encourage our readers to sign up on where a Daufuskie Island account has been s