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"The Right Side of The River" by Roger Pinckney

"I will tell you as much as I can in the time that I have . How I was born to this river, this moon, this porpoise and this lonesome bird, this sucking ebbtide beneath me, this evening like the ones that come to you in dreams. I can tell you about growing up here in glory of sand and wind and rolling surf. And about running away after I knew pulling up survey stakes would not stop what was going to happen. But that hurts too much, so I will not tell you about that, nor of the women I loved but cut loose, nor of the the thirty years that it took me to get back to where I started." Roger Pinckney Roger is an incredible writer. You can tell he has a great love and passion for Daufuskie Island. The language creates imagery in your mind that takes you to a far away land. He speaks of Voodoo, the Gullah people that inhabited the island, wild animals and of beautiful marsh and sea. Roger currently lives on Daufuskie Island where he writes and works diligently to preserve the