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Sister's Trip to Daufuskie Island (Great memories of a magical place)

Sister’s Trip – Daufuskie Island, SC Posted August 6th on Candidly Savage blog on word press. Here is the link. If you know me, you know I love to travel when time and money allows, so this will be the first of many travel adventures I share…. In 2008, my two sisters and I went on a trip to Daufuskie Island, SC, where the local mode of transportation is golf carts. It was February, and still pretty cold out (a balmy 48 degrees), so you can only imagine us driving around in an open air golf cart, shivering and wishing for a heater! The first morning, we decided to take a stroll along the beach. We parked the golf cart near the pool and walked down to take in the wonderful scenery. Upon returning to the golf cart, I noticed that my seat (the passenger side) was in the sunlight getting nice and toasty and that the driver’s seat was in the shade. I sat down and said “Ooo, my butt warmer is on! This is great!” My sis