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30 Days of Chasing Dolphins

Dolphins travel in three’s, much like super heroes. This morning there were at least twenty of them frolicking along close to the shoreline following me on my morning walk? They tend to provide instant entertainment. Dolphins love to ham it up, leaping out of the water taking their tail and splashing you. It is almost like they just want to let you know they are there. They are very social animals. Welcome to the Calibogue Sound. You may find sand dollars in the low tide every few feet along the shoreline. The tide also leaves the pre-historic looking horseshoe crab dead on the beach. They are like a big buffet for the sea gulls, sand pipers and probably many other animals.

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"The Front Porch"

Please sign up for the Daufuskie Paper. "The Front Porch" The link is on my site. Please send a small donation as the paper is completely funded by small donations and well worth your time to do this. The paper will eventually add a paypal button and some ad sense but right now if you would kindly mail your check all donations are appreciated. While there are a few Daufuskie Island bloggers and the islandpacket paper on Hilton Head, "The Front Porch" is the only real coverage for local happenings on Daufuskie Island. It is graciously published by an island local resident who is very generous with her time and effort that it takes to write, email, fund raise and put out a local newspaper. This NewPaper will give you so much more current information about the island. More than I could ever begin to blog about.

America's Best Beach Bar-HOT OFF THE PRESSES

Marshside Mama’s, Daufuskie Island, SC The Scene: “Our bar is like Canterbury Tales; there’s a little bit of everything,” says bartender Tyler Gerow of the honky-tonk Marshside Mama’s. Owner Beth Shipman cooks up mouthwatering gumbo, shrimp, and grits, and there’s always the freshest fish because fishermen pull up to the dock to drop off the catch of the day. Even though it’s only a 45-minute ferry ride from Hilton Head, the ferry doesn’t always run, so the crowd is mostly local boaters. They rock out to live bands on weekends and follow the lead of owner Beth, who’s known to yell out, “No whining, just dance.” Signature Drink: Marshside Mama’s Rum Fruity: four different types of rum mixed with fruit juices, $ Here is the Travel and Leisure Link for you. Thank you so much to part time resident Pat from Melrose for making me aware of this article. Also congratulations to Beth.