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Author Roger Pinckney is the high priest of Daufuskie Island

Reefer Madness by Stratton Lawrence Charleston City Paper, Kids could learn a lot about biology just by looking in the pool at the Daufuskie Island Resort & Breathe Spa. Metamorphosis, for example. Next to the weeds that sprout from cracks in the cement, an abundance of aquatic larvae swim freely in the algae-green water, waiting for the day when they'll grow wings and take to the air. Once in flight, the dragonflies and mosquitoes will have quite the view. The pool sits alongside one of the Atlantic's most beautiful and remote beaches. And there's not a soul in sight. Roger Pinckney lives in the only full-time occupied house at the resort, a "Don't Tread On Me" flag hanging defiantly outside the front door. It's one of three dozen cottages that line the beach. The neighborhood is serene and quiet, a pastel-colored ghost town by the sea. But the lack of neighbors doesn't bother Pinckney; it keeps the rent down, and he'd prefer t