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Happy Easter Weekend on Daufuskie Island/Peacocks and the Eco-System

We have decided that importing Peacock Eggs to Daufuskie Island would be a good idea. Peacocks eat Mosquito's and snakes and are so beautiful. We have two problems with our strategy the first is cost. Peacock eggs are $900 to import, unless someone knows of a less expensive source and our 2ND issue is we don't know if these beautiful birds would mess up the ecosystem. Would they start eating our much coveted turtle eggs once all the mosquito's and snakes were gone? We don't know so our Daufuskie Island research team is back to work with more research. Does anyone know what is happening with the closing of the Daufuskie Island Resort and Spa? Has Montauk Investments closed the deal yet? Have they found enough financing in this rough commercial real estate market? I have been trying to find out basic info just so I can let all the part time residents and beloved tourist know what is going on. If anyone has any details for me that they would like to share please email me